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Paul Murphy
Winsome Centre manager

The Lismore Soup Kitchen at the Winsome continues to power on.

One evening last week, at Casino Railway Station, I happened upon a long term Winsome attendee who was returning from a six month holiday down south. His warm and enthusiastic greeting and eagerness to return to the Winsome the following day was like a homecoming to him.

The Winsome has, over the past nine years, grown to be home to many, not only to the residents but to many daily attendees also. The Winsome has become their rock and refuge, perhaps the only stable environment they have experienced in their whole life, many of whom are in their fifties and sixties.

The daily Soupies, as they are affectionately known, come to get a hot cuppa and a warm smile and acknowledgement on these cold winter mornings, some seeking beanies or warmer jumpers to keep out the chills, or just to check that their friends, new and old have made it unscathed through another night, for there is no safety on the streets. Some come just to get a few hours kip on one of our many lounges and a hot midday meal to see them through another cycle. The early birds get to have a hot breakfast at the Red Dove, thanks to Bruce and his team.

But there is joy and laughter too. The Woodlawn piano, donated after last year’s flood gets quite a workout from many, some quite talented, some not, but hey, who cares, it’s music to all our ears.

Very little of this would be possible without the dedication of our many kitchen, day and night managerial volunteers, the breakfast volunteers, resident volunteers, Trinity and Woodlawn students, medical and service providers and of equal importance, the Lismore Soup Kitchen Inc’s many large and small benefactor individuals, service clubs and the generous people of Lismore and surrounds.

Our grateful thanks,
Paul Murphy

Mary Klich

Dear friend of the Winsome,

We have had a busy, and thankfully non-flooded, year at the Winsome.

The kitchen continues to be the warm heart of the Winsome, producing often 80 meals a day for all comers. The volunteers work with enthusiasm and skill to create varied, nutritious, delicious meals and sandwiches.

After the last flood it took many months, and some expensive machinery, to dry out the grand old lady of 11, Bridge Street. The floors in the café could not be sanded and polished until recently, as the drying-out process was so protracted.

The café now looks great, and while it helps to raise funds, it is also a comfortable friendly place for visitors looking for peace or conversation; chess or making music; friends or books; and of course, good coffee. We hope you will join us there for a cuppa!

As with any home, maintenance and redecorating are ongoing tasks at the Winsome. 0f the twelve residents' rooms on the top floor, eight have been recently refurbished, to make them fresher and welcoming.

Winter is a tough time for people who are sleeping rough and we are often asked for blankets and sleeping-bags. These are bulky to store so we have made a new cupboard under the stairs to store the bedding which is kindly donated to us, for those who need it.

We are pleased to act as a hub for several services aiming to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people. These services include the medical clinic, a podiatrist, women's health, legal aid, centrelink, aboriginal liver health and counselling.

Thank you for your generous support which is so vital to our ongoing operation.

With best wishes
Mary Klich (Secretary)

Mieke Bell
President Lismore Soup Kitchen

One of the great joys at the Winsome, is the interfacing of our community, with the wider Lismore Community. This is happening on a regular basis, with LJ Hooker Real Estate
Running a lunch time BBQ once a month on a Wednesday. BBQs are a favorite with everyone at the Winsome, and the day is enjoyed by all.

And while on BBQs, we recently had a very enthusiastic group of students from Trinity, Organize a BBQ lunch on Saturday. I welcome this partnering with our local schools, and love to encourage our young people, the next generation , in this hands on experience at the Winsome, and to support them in their studies on social justice.

It was great to see the students around the piano in the café, singing and encouraging our people to join in. what a wonderful morning it was!

Thankyou as always, to our hard working, dedicated and committed volunteers. we continue to see new volunteers joining the team.

We recently welcomed Ian as chaplain to the team, and also Ross, who is creating an interest in chess playing on Friday mornings.

The Lismore Soup Kitchen is now in its 30th year, and coming up to 9 years at the Winsome.

Thankyou to all our Winsome 500 Club members. Your support is so valuable to us.

Thankyou for your partnership in our vibrant, caring community at the Winsome.

Mieke Bell

Ian Phillips

Such a good few weeks connecting with so many amazing people. I am not sure what a Winsome chaplain should do, but I’ve listened a lot.

Thanks to the people who have generously donated guitars. I have found myself remembering a lot of old songs that were filed in the recesses of both my and other people’s minds. Music is “maths for the soul”, and of course Bono said: “All you need is 3 chords and the truth” - so we’ve found at least 3 chords amongst friends a few times recently. It seems my most used phrase holding a guitar with friends is “you start, I’ll follow”.

On Tuesday August 7th the Winsome will host Homelessness Awareness day, along with various service providers in Lismore. All Welcome—from 10am, so feel free to drop by and say “Hi”.


It has been another great year in the kitchen, meeting new volunteers, training new Cooks for the Kitchen and Baristas for our favourite Café.

We now have 9 dedicated Cooks that are on a roster weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We have 4 casual Cooks that help us out when our regular Cooks can’t make it. We have approximately 50 dedicated volunteers helping our Cooks and 10 Day Managers share the roster to help the Winsome to operate daily. Our volunteers and patrons are loving the Caddies coffee from our Café. We now have 10 volunteer Baristas to keep the roster going.

Thank you to Dave and Peter who pick up and deliver so much stock and donations for the Kitchen and Café.

Thank you to Bruce who is keeping the Red Dove Breakfast open four days a week.

Our volunteers are amazing people and I am impressed at how they all work together to produce great meals from a happy kitchen.

We are still accepting new volunteers as many people enjoy their time at the Winsome and create friendships with other volunteers and patrons.

To those volunteers who have left due to illness or too much going on in their lives right now, you are still missed and thought of. Thank you to Sam, Michael, Eric, Yvonne, Sep and Bodhi, Stephen and Jacky.

To Richard who has been our Thursday cook for 23 years! Before this he also cooked on Friday as well until about 3 years ago. Thank you for this tremendous effort and for staying till the end of the year. Yes, there will be Cake to celebrate this before you go.

We have been joined by LJ Hooker every third Wednesday of the month as they provide a BBQ meal and homemade sweets. This has been an ongoing commitment since the 2017 flood. We appreciate this dedication and support.

Thank you for your contribution. If you have any time to visit us and enjoy a coffee from our Café please feel welcome to do so.

Kind Regards,
Sharon Dwyer Kitchen and Cafe Manager Volunteer

Paul Graham
(Winsome Resident)

The Winsome Community is viewed and expressed by many people in various ways and here are my impressions as have others expressed before me.

The collective enthusiasm of the numerous volunteers in performing a wide variety of tasks and providing essential services to all who wish to accept those services is appreciated and that kindness filters upstairs, and is felt variously by all the residents.

That kindness can be seen as an outward expression of the inner affection and love that the volunteers have for the Supreme Lord and his pure representative. In the reciprocation to that community expression, there is a natural feeling of inner comfort due to the original foundation of that expression.

The services provided by the Winsome Community are an expression presented in a most practical and needed manner.

Steve B
(Winsome Resident)

I am a Divorced male 58yo , “couch surfing” on the road for most of the last 10years.

Growing concerns about my health and untenable temporary accommodation meant looking for accommodation that included a roof. :-)

I’d dropped by the Winsome for coffee several times , without knowing anything about the Lismore Soup Kitchen. I just loved the building itself.

I spoke to the staff and a new world beckoned. I was and still am, gobsmacked.

My health concerns are finally being dealt with after many years and I have a private place where I no longer have to worry about “where to next ??”

I’ve gone from worrying about the next campsite and my health to being enthralled about the opportunities being presented to me. A couple of paragraphs is not enough room to do justice to what I have found at the Winsome. Generousity , Concern , Respect , Rectitude and Positivity in thought and in deeds. I’d like to honour that spirit if I can.

My future looks and feels a lot brighter these days … and it started with serendipity and a cup of coffee.

Treasurer’s Report

The finances continue to be good due to the support of many people and various service and church organisations in the community.

The Winsome 500 Club is still very well supported by approximately 160 people who are giving generously on a monthly, or in some cases weekly or fortnightly basis.

For those that would like to look further into the workings of the Soup Kitchen, there are annual statements on the website of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission www.acnc.gov.au …… just click on and go to Find a Charity then login The Lismore Soup Kitchen Incorporated (ABN 56250463120) and you will find reports going back to 2013 as follows :

  1. Annual Information Statement
  2. Signed and Audited Financial Reports

Ridley Bell, Treasurer

Calling for Volunteer Night Managers

The role of Night Manager is one that involves a number of responsibilities to facilitate the safety and security of the residents at the Winsome. The duties include the following :

  • Commencing duty around 7.30 pm
  • Checking the entrance door and the Resident Room Register in the fire control panel
  • Check that rear and front gate are secure, as well as front doors.
  • Check resident’s register inside Manager’s suite
  • Turn off lights in Resident’s kitchen and lounge, and TV if not in use at 9.30 pm
  • Re-check doors on retiring
  • Be familiar with Fire Management Plan

The Night Manager’s Suite includes its own bathroom and toilet, Refrigerator and TV, and is suitable for couples, if a couple would be interested in doing this together.

Mieke and I have been the ‘Friday Night Managers’ for almost 9 years and enjoy the night out at the Winsome, where we have made some very rich friendships.

Let us know if you could commit to being on the roster for a night each week, fortnight, or once per month, or even just to act as an emergency ‘fill in person’.

If you would like more information, please contact as follows :
Paul Murphy : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel : 0428 665445
Mieke Bell : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel : 0407 789528
Ridley Bell : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel : 0427 789533

Providing a Service to the Community since 1990

11 Bridge St North Lismore
Po Box 6045 South Lismore NSW 2480

Centre Manager: Paul Murphy
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 0428 665 445
Website: www.winsome.org.au

Across this region and beyond, there are a large number of supporters who pledge a regular gift to the Winsome 500 Club. Please click here to become part of this team.


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