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Well, its been another fantastic year of hospitality, events, new faces and growth with the Lismore Soup Kitchen at the Winsome in 2014.

All of our volunteers are to be congratulated on a year well done.

In the kitchen, some 21,625 cooked lunchtime meals have been served to date this year. Thats an average of 62 meals/day. A big thankyou to Margaret Lord and Sharon Dwyer for their kitchen Coordinator and Roster roles this year and the cooking teams of volunteers.

Special thanks to all donors of food throughout the year. The Lismore Soup Kitchen could not function as it does without your support.

Special thanks also to St Vincent de Paul, Lismore Diocesan Council for their continued financial support paying our power and gas accounts.

And special thanks to Ian Phillips who now manages our website.

The organisation and staffing of the Winsome Cafe was reclaimed earlier in the year with the volunteer baristas serving hot coffees and cake for $2.50 to all comers. Our day trippers love the ambience of the cafe. It is now taking over $300/week. Special thanks to Caddies for the discount on the coffee supplies and more recently to Anne Briggs for taking on the Cafe roster. Welcome also to new barista and Paul M's management helper Teair McBean.

Margaret again supervised another successful Lantern Parade soup sales stall raising over $1,000. Our thanks also to those who cooked the various soups.

Leanne from Vinnies and Margaret organised for Sandy to get new teeth.. In the process Sandy educated the staff at Casino Hospital with aspects of the English language and ensured security staff earned their pay.

There was a changing of the guard with the Vinnies Outreach Worker. Sad as it was to see Leanne Gilchrist leave us after several years of dedication to the Soupies and volunteers,for work with Mission Australia, her replacement was chosen in heaven with the appointment of Bryan Jamieson who has taken to the Winsome like a duck to water.

Leanne was like a mother to many who frequented the Winsome and an angel to those in distress. She arranged for James B.(our amnesia resident) who created history by having Centrelink, Medicare and the Lismore Base Hospital combine their resources to give James a new name, to move to Tarampa Lodge in Queensland, where he could be more effectively looked after. Another resident there is former Soupie Peter R. We understand that both enjoy their habitat, having been there about 2 years now.

Sadly, one we tried to help but who passed away on the street was Paul Reardon. We were also terribly saddened by the recent sudden death of volunteer Sonya Brownie, who was our champion sandwich maker, doing so before leaving for work at SC Uni. Also Dave Tune, a resident of Mazzer House, also died suddenly last week.

On a brighter note, the Bridge Street Choir and Windsome Gospel Choir performed with distinction at several events during the year. As well, they featured on Youtube and have 2 singles and their own CD. They will also be performing on Christmas Day at the Winsome. Peter Lehner has done a fabulous job with the choirs and drama group this year. Thankyou Peter for a job well done and for your role also as Night Manager.

And speaking of Night Managers, thankyou to Paul W, Paul M.(self congratulations), Carlos, Don Noble, Ridley and Mieke and Part timer Peter Stace, and more especially to their wives/husbands for enabling them to do this important night duty at the Winsome.

Our service providers have grown in number and demand during the year. We thank North Coast Medicare Local, Jullums Aboriginal Medical Service, Drs Charlie Hew and James Boyd, St Vincent de Paul Society, Lismore Diocesan Council, NSW Legal Aid, Men and Family Centre Counsellors, Podiatrist, Lifeline, Womens Mental Health Nurse, The Buttery Get Up music Outreach. And Court Support amongst others.We truly are becoming known as the Hub. We thank all service providers and assisting volunteers for making their roles so effective and appreciated by all disadvantaged men and women.

LSK Management have seen a noticeable improvement in the health of the homeless and those on the periphery of homelessness together with a reduction in negative behavourable attitudes as a direct result of the presence of these service providers.

And speaking of things medical, North Coast Medicare Local have contributed $20,000 and St Vincent de Paul (Lismore Diocesan Council) $10,000 to construct a small medical facility comprising a doctors' examination room, a nurses treatment room and a small waiting room within part of the Girards' room area, the DA for which was approved by Lismore City Council last week.

In addition, last week, a partnership comprising the Lismore Soup Kitchen, St V de P , North Coast Medicare Local and in kind contributors were awarded an $18,000 grant from Northern Rivers Community Foundation to upgrade our kitchen floor and paint walls and ceilings thereof. The NRCF is the only philanthropic organisation on the Northern Rivers. We are very grateful to them for selecting our project as their one off grant to celebrate their 10 years of giving back to the community. Thanks for this must go to Vinnies Bryan Jamieson for his ability to write the grant application.

It was very fitting for Ridley and Mieke Bell to receive the Premier's Award for Community Excellence. It was presented by a very relaxed Premier Mike Baird accompanied by local MP Thomas George on Friday 31st October at a gathering of Lismore Soup Kitchen friends and Winsome affiliates in the cafe area.

And out in the back shed, Gene is the music man for the Buttery's Outreach each Monday morning and on Tuesdays Gene turns his hand (literally) to clay pot making assisted by many willing hands.
Mieke has obtained small Council heritage grants to paint the Winsome externals. It is looking refreshed.

Also in the back shed Residents Paul W and Rob N do maintenance works around the Winsome and are constructing a canoe with equipment funding from St Vincent de Paul, Lismore. Our thanks to you both. As well, Nick Z has done a fantastic job repairing and painting the second floor hallway and has now commenced on the first floor. And finally Bob B: Margaret's right hand man, potato peeler, lock checker, kitchen checker and generally Winsome checker.

Thank you all.

Thats about it for 2014.

But wait. There is more in store for 2015.

The BIG ONE on Saturday 14th February. Lismore Soup Kitchen's 25th Anniversary.
More on this later

A Merry Christmas to everyone and a Healthy and fruitful New Year

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