Winsome Newsletter July 2016

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 From Paul Murphy

The continuing and growing success of the Lismore Soup Kitchen at the Winsome is due to the dedication and commitment of all its volunteers. On behalf of the Winsome Management Team, I congratulate and thank them all for a job well done. The Winsome is now recognised as the Hub for connecting service providers with their clientele, for being the venue for service clubs fund raising dinners, choir practices, men’s and ladies groups and the One in Christ Fellowship on Sunday mornings. And the Soupies connect at the Winsome daily.

Sharon is deserving of accolades for her oversight of the kitchen and café operations. Such is her care and performance that the Lismore City Council, following a recent unannounced food facility inspection gave our kitchen a 4 star rating attaining a score of 95.8%. Congratulations Sharon.

Our thanks also to Paul W for keeping the grounds of the Winsome so beautifully kept, his efforts during the recent flood emergency and generally keeping an eye on things.

The soup sales at the recent Lantern Parade Winter Warmers Charity Stall again surpassed expectations due to the superb soup cookers and servers on the night with many thanks to them and Event Manager Sharon. About $1,500 was raised.

The Winsome was again fortunate to receive a $3,000 grant from Northern Rivers Community Foundation with a top up from the Lismore Soup Kitchen to enable the replacement of the ailing dishwasher with a ‘You Beaut’ new commercial unit. This one is much more efficient.

Another flood emergency in early June saw our residents, volunteers and soupies move plant and equipment to higher areas or off site on Ridley’s Pantec and then assisting with the clean up afterwards. Fortunately the “team” is getting this manoeuvre down to a fine art. For the first time the SES ordered an evacuation. A very short evacuation as it turned out. The flood peaked at 9.1m about a metre less than predicted. A big thankyou to all involved.

Thomas George MP has enabled grant funding for the Winsome to purchase a Portaloo on a trailer to enable us to limit evacuations to all but the highest of floods and fine tune our Flood Emergency Plan.

Thankyou Thomas and to Bryan Jamison from Vinnies also for handling the acquisition.

Winter is upon us again with a big demand for warm clothes and blankets being met with a corresponding supply from our ever generous citizens of Lismore and surrounds. We particularly feel for those tent dwellers on the riverbanks and elsewhere on these cold nights.

Our thanks also to our 500 Club members for their financial donations which ensure the Winsome wheels keep turning, Aldi, for supplying good quality fruit and vegetables, Woolworths for their bread and Hutley Bros Butchery, Blue Ribbon Meats and Brad’s Butchery for their discounts, Brookfarm and to Caddies Coffee and Tea for their support also. The Winsome coffee machine is working overtime these cold mornings in particular.

I would like to thank Bryan Jamison and St Vincent de Pau Society’s Lismore Central Office for their ongoing support of the Lismore Soup Kitchen. Bryan, apart from his role as Homeless Outreach Worker, assists the Medical Clinic with resources and aids me in many ways including writing grant funding applications.

Paul Murphy, Winsome Centre Manager

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July 2015

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A Winsome Resident’s Thoughts

I have lived at the Winsome for 18 months. The Winsome has given me the opportunity to get back on my feet.

The Winsome provides the people with a doctor, Centrelink, Legal Aid, nurses and a homeless persons’ outreach worker from St Vincent de Paul. My health has picked up through the help of these people.

The meals provided are always tasty and filling, no one should leave here hungry. This place is run by volunteers. I volunteer 2 days a week and it has helped me to learn some people skills through the help of the day staff and all the dedicated people working at the Winsome.

This place is a must, both for the people who live here, and those who come here regularly for a meal, and to enjoy community.

This is a comfortable and safe place to come to.

Jim Haughton

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Christmas 2014

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Well, its been another fantastic year of hospitality, events, new faces and growth with the Lismore Soup Kitchen at the Winsome in 2014.

All of our volunteers are to be congratulated on a year well done.

In the kitchen, some 21,625 cooked lunchtime meals have been served to date this year. Thats an average of 62 meals/day. A big thankyou to Margaret Lord and Sharon Dwyer for their kitchen Coordinator and Roster roles this year and the cooking teams of volunteers.

Special thanks to all donors of food throughout the year. The Lismore Soup Kitchen could not function as it does without your support.

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Newsletter July 2013

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Providing a service to the community since 1990

From Our Patron (Tim Costello),

It has been a great privilege to be the Patron of The Winsome for the past 16 years. I have been in awe watching its development from a soup kitchen and feeding people into housing, hospitality, medical, spiritual and social care. It is a beacon of hope for people touched by mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness and ex prisoners. Anyone who visits the Winsome is immediately struck by the welcome and community. Whatever your wounds, whatever your past you are accepted.

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